Virtual Assistance at your fingertips

So there are many Virtual Assistants (remote from the workplace) in the market place today, each offering a range of skills and experience unique to their specialization. Most work from their home base where typically, they have an office set up utilizing computers, printers and telephones as you would usually find in a business (although when the virtual world began, seemingly many moons ago, a kitchen table was probably used by some while feeding the children and doing household chores). Nowadays it is quite commonplace to work remotely from home.

However, SSWA as a virtual business is set up slightly differently. The business is based in a commercial office in the beautiful historical mall of London Court in the Perth CBD.

[Accessibility to the office is via a small archway off the Court, up a flight of stairs which leads to the first floor. Old latticed windows face into the Court that let in the fresh air and the wonderful chatter of tourists and city workers hanging around the coffee shops.  There is a further floor above us so lots of activity around.  For more about London Court head to]

Most of the units I believe were residential dwellings in days gone by but in SSWA’s workplace we have created two offices out of this space; A private meeting room which can provide, for a small fee,  my clients with a working space if they themselves work outside of the City, and SSWA’s workspace with two desks plus kitchen and bathroom facilities, so in effect our office is self-sufficient.

Apart from the wonderfully convenient location in the CBD, SSWA’s broad skills base offers businesses workflow management on a virtual basis. Currently a large percentage of  business comes from barristers and lawyers and although SSWA’s experience was founded in legal, we have gained knowledge in many other professional areas such as IT, Insurance, Real Estate, Oil and Gas and some Retail.

Secretarial Service of WA offers just what it depicts, high-level secretarial services, personal assistance and office management remotely to businesses, and the benefit of a walk in service to the public.

A typical day: Upon arrival in the Court, it is paramount that we grab our first chai latte of the day, shortly followed by collection of the post and then head for the office where we proceed to work through checklist of the day’s assignments.

SSWA is able to assist clients via telephone, sms, email, skype and face to face meetings.

Our days seems to go pretty quickly as we carry out tasks for our clients.  The reason we love it is that we get to prioritise all tasks that come through the door, so that each client’s expectation is met.  (It’s fabulous when a client’s schedule comes together smoothly, which means no missed appointments, Court dates or project deadlines – all because we managed our clients workflow behind the scenes).

SSWA’s business is highly organized with each task set into the calendar so that at roughly any point in the day we know how my client’s assignments and time management are tracking. Being able to plan what you need to do, and then put together action steps to get it done, helps you move one step at a time through any situation.

Offering a client a virtual service can free up their time from the mundane tasks of administration so that they can get on with the very important task of running and growing their business. Having been a Personal Assistant and Office Manager for many years, being organized and keeping  client’s work and deadlines on track is paramount to our business and very important to me personally.

For document sharing and access we use:

  • Dropbox – either sharing or online access
  • Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • Email
  • Asana
  • Trello

To be in contact virtually we use:

  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • Mobile/landline numbers

Virtual administration :

  • Transcription – Medical and Legal
  • Document Formatting
  • Invoicing / GOL (Legal)
  • Virtual reception
  • Typing
  • ProofreadingEmailing
  • Scanning and Photocopying
  • Anything Secretarial
  • Personal Assistance
  • Office Management
  • Digital filing

There isn’t very much that we can’t do by working in/on your business virtually.  So, if you are pulling your hair out in frustration because you are flat out and have so many things going on at the one time, be proactive, let Secretarial Service of WA take on the workflow management of your business and help smooth the way.  Not many people love administration and organisation but WE DO IT BECAUSE WE LOVE IT!

Please contact us for any additional information you may require, we are only too happy to assist.