Privacy Policy

A confidentiality agreement or just a confidentiality clause, can be supplied both of which form part of our Service Agreement. This must be fully executed before any work commences. SSWA will not at any time, directly or indirectly, use for its personal benefit or disclose, or communicate in any manner any information that is pertaining to its clients to any third-party. All your information will be kept strictly confidential. This provision will remain effective and in force even after the termination of any agreements.

SSWA will immediately upon expiry or termination of an Agreement, deliver up to the client all material (whether documents, papers, plans, drawings, reports, designs, templates, microfilm, audio or video tapes, discs or cassettes or any other medium of storing or recording information) comprising or containing any of the Confidential Information (including all copies thereof) and all other property to the client which may then be in its possession or control.