Workflow Services

Our staff are accurate and efficient when it comes to typing.

Our standard is 80+wpm with 98% accuracy.

We try for a 24-48 hour turnaround on documents but more complex documents can sometimes take a little longer.

We offer a simple, convenient way to help with your administrative needs when your secretary may be sick, on holiday or when you have an unusual increase in your administrative requirements. We are equipped with digital software to manage your digital transcription work in any standard audio file format that is used for word processing.

All work is produced in accordance with your instructions and precedents when required.

An idea of what type of service we can offer is listed below:

Project Management – We will get you organised and your projects streamlined, all elements of your project will be cross-checked, double checked and check-listed to ensure nothing is forgotten and everything is done!

Legal Administrative support:

  • Legal Secretarial
  • Typing of Court documents
  • Preparation of Appeal Books
    • preparing draft from approved index
    • including page numbering and compliance
    • Liaising with Instructing Solicitor, Counsel and DPP for checking and signing of Certificate
    • Liaising with DPP & COA if missing documents
    • Obtaining and liaising with other parties to your agreed amendments as necessary
    • Organising printing and binding
    • Filing settled Appeal Books with the COA and DPP if necessary
  • Legal Aid – on your instructions
    • Application submissions
    • Extension requests
    • Claims and invoicing into your accounts software
    • Keeping physical file for audit purposes as necessary
    • In accordance and to ensure control and compliance with the Legal Profession Act 2008, the draft appeal books are presented to you for your approval at each stage as necessary, before final filing and serving.
  • Disclosure documentation
    • Checking all documents received against index
    • Indexing if necessary
    • Checking media files not corrupt
  • Document archive scanning
    • To CD
    • To Digital thumbdrive
    • To external hard-drive

General Secretarial including but not limited to:

  • Emails
  • Reports
  • Agendas
  • Minutes
  • Templates
  • Manuals
Document Formatting and Version control
Templates – if you require a template to be made up for you, please do not think that this is an easy task, it takes time to consider your requirements and put a plan into action.
The simplicity or complexity of the end document you require takes time and experience to put together. Wanting a fool-proof document takes time.
Personal Assistance – remotely working in all aspects of a Personal Assistant / Office Management
Digital transcription

We keep your files securely locked away and would usually keep for at least 12 months.

We also offer a digital filing service – your bring (or we pick up) your files that are ready for archive, we digitally scan them and keep copies on whichever digital format you require – CD, Digital thumbdrive, even to your computer’s hard-drive if necessary.


Dropbox / Leap / GOL / Express scribe / MYOB AR & Essentials / Adobe Acrobat X Pro / Skype / Microsoft Office 365

PC and/or Macbook